Door & Window Options

Door & Window Options


All our buildings can be adapted to suit particular circumstances, contact us for details on which options are available for which models.

Casement window (CW1)

A small opening window designed to fit into any solid wall. Our casement window includes a quality casement stay, sealed unit double glazing, our putty line beading design and arched tracery in keeping with the summerhouse design.

The casement window would normally be positioned where a small opening window is required, and perhaps ventilation, on a panel which is otherwise solid in construction.

High Level Fixed Glazed Unit (HF1)

Our high level fixed glazed lights are designed to sit atop of a solid wall panel and are well suited to circumstances where both light and privacy are preferred. Our putty line beading and sealed unit double glazing are in keeping with the summerhouse design.

Sash Window (WD3)

Our sash window option can provide ventilation where doors are not needed. Fix them into position with casement stays or keep them closed when the weather gets chilly; they retain all the design elements of our doors, from a traditional putty line beading, quality fittings and arched tracery in keeping with the Summerhouse.

Bi-fold Doors

With an opening width of just under two metres, our bi-fold doors are designed to open the Summerhouse up to the garden. Hung from brass parliament hinges our system totals fours doors which fold back (two each side) to cabin hooks located at either side. The central door is fitted with our multipoint security bolt and brass handles as standard (alternative colour fittings are also available). 

Sliding Doors

Our sliding door system is an alternative to our bi-fold doors system and designed to increase the door opening width up to a maximum of eight metres. The number of doors will depend on the opening required however in each case they are fitted into a “running track” which guides the doors as they slide to the open position. Fittings are available in either brass or stainless steel.