Heating Options

Radiant Heating

Our range of digital electric radiant heaters from Rointe is designed to be “plug and go”. With seven different sizes to choose from we will calculate which unit is required, build the support structure into the building, run the cables and hang the unit.

Each radiator is fully programmable (24 hour, 7 day weeks) with an anti-frost, economy and comfort modes.

The quality and purity of the elements that make up the Rointe Digital System achieve a low surface contact temperature at room temperature, designed to avoid accidents with children or elderly people and allowing the installation in any private or public environment.

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is the most comfortable form of heating, largely radiant, it is unobtrusive and more hygienic than traditional radiators; it is also more energy efficient and creates a more even room temperature.

Our electric system is flexible enough to suit any of our building shapes and sizes, and we will perform the fitting, simplifying the logistics of installation.