Holkham SummerhouseHolkham

We all seek solitude occasionally, to read, write or perhaps just to reflect, whatever the reason a smaller summerhouse tucked away in a private corner of the garden offers an “escape”. This was our inspiration behind the Holkham Summerhouse.

A six sided design, it is well lit, ventilated and its beautiful proportions invite you to make yourself at home at any time of day. Open up and tie back its three pairs of doors when the temperature rises, it still offers shade, and close them up to create a snug sanctuary when it gets chilly.

The attention to detail is obvious when you study the finer features, glazing tracery and moulded brackets above each corner post bring the structure and roof “together”.

We focused all our attentions into creating just one model size of Holkham Summerhouse, our first hexagonal closed structure, and are proud to offer you the result.

1900 2400



 Optional Items

Oak Floor £1,207

Bamboo Floor £1,097

Insulation £1,252

Electrics £417

Pad Base £1,326

 Optional Items

Oak Floor £1,292

Bamboo Floor £1,247

Insulation £1,422

Electrics £448

Pad Base £1,513


* Inclusive of plywood floor (fitted as standard), any colour, traditional lead work roof, delivery, VAT and installation (within 150 miles).