Lavenham Summerhouse

Lavenham Summerhouse

An elegant octagonal design with a Victorian feel, attention to detail is clear in the design of Lavenham Summerhouse. From fluted posts to arched tracery, every aspect of its design creates a structure fit to command a place in the finest of gardens.

With three of its eight bays fully opening the Lavenham Summerhouse can be opened up to the garden, producing both cover from direct sunlight and excellent cross ventilation.

Our traditional lead roof design will mellow over time to a pleasing blue / grey colour and this added to a mainly hardwood construction will ensure longevity of the structure.

All models are fitted with three opening bays and two "fixed glazed" as standard which can be positioned to best suit at time of installation.

With year round structures growing ever more popular we have also added an insulated option to the range, double glazed and insulated panels and roof provide a year round use capability, the structure thus becoming an extension to the house, yet separate from it.

2400 3000



 Optional Items

Oak Floor £1,360

Bamboo Floor £1,250

Insulation £1,480

Electrics £520

Pad Base £1,610

 Optional Items

Oak Floor £1,520

Bamboo Floor £1,380

Insulation £1,780

Electrics £570

Pad Base £1,790

* Inclusive of plywood floor (fitted as standard), any colour, traditional lead work roof, delivery, VAT and installation (within 150 miles).